Turn That Stump Into Sawdust

Turn That Stump Into Sawdust

Set up a stump removal appointment in East Hampstead & Derry, NH

Stop tripping over that rotting stump. Granite State Tree & Landscaping uses an excavator to remove the most stubborn stumps in the East Hampstead and Derry, New Hampshire area.

Why remove the stump in your yard? Stump removal makes your backyard safer and mowing easier.

Find stump clearing services for every budget

How do you want to take care of that unsightly stump? Choose from a range of stump clearing services:

  • Stump grinding involves grinding the wood until that it's level with the earth around it.
  • Stump removal is the complete removal of the stump, including the roots.
  • Wood chipping turns the broken wood into useful woodchips you can use in your garden.

When you work with Granite State Tree & Landscaping, you don't need to worry about the cleanup. Trust us to leave your property clean.

Schedule a stump grinding appointment in the East Hampstead, NH area by calling 603-475-1316 now.