Winter Weather Has Met Its Match

Winter Weather Has Met Its Match

Plan for residential snow removal in East Hampstead or Derry, NH

This winter, don't rely on the neighborhood kids to come around with their snow shovels. Arrange for residential snow removal in East Hampstead, New Hampshire and Derry, New Hampshire. Granite State Tree & Landscaping offers safe, affordable snow clearing services from Atkinson to Salem.

Trust an insured, professional snow removal service to keep your driveway clear this season. Call 603-475-1316 right away.

3 ways a snow removal service helps you avoid injuries

Shoveling snow for hours isn't an everyday chore. Without the right equipment, it can lead to lifelong injuries. Letting a residential snow removal company clear your driveway stops you from...

  1. Over-straining your muscles: Clearing snow manually puts an enormous strain on your back, neck, arms, legs and heart.
  2. Slipping on ice: After snow begins to melt, it often re-hardens into ice, though it still looks like snow.
  3. Injuring yourself while using a snow blower: The CPSP reports that several hundred people damage their fingers in snow blower injuries annually.

Save time. Protect your body. Call East Hampstead and Derry, NH's top snow removal service now.